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Cable including connector mounting


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Cables (shielded) including mounting of connector(s) / plugs / jacks for sensors bought

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• per /5m

• Shielded LiYCY x*0.5mm^2 (about 20 gauge)

• Includes mounting of sensor-specific connectors / plugs / jacks

• Sensor-specific wiring scheme included

• Line-to-line calibration according to IEC, MEASNET and FGW recommendations

• Length configured according to measurement heights

• Labelling provided for easy plug&play installation on site


During the order process "field: comments" please let us know, which sensor you plan to install at what height! Please thereby also take into account the length of the booms always when selecting the cable length accordingly.

The price mentioned includes the fitting of a corresponding, sensor-specific standard plug (jack or connector), if being default scope of the sensor delivery. The price mentioned includes an additional set of connectors (male and female) being confectioned as part of the (extension) cable ordered here, in case the sensor, for which the cable is ordered, by default has open-ended wires and no connector is plugged directly to the sensor.
If a cable is ordered only but without sensor, 10 EUR will be charged additionally per connector to be fitted to the cable (male or female).